Welcome to the Guardrails Social Community.

Guardrails Social Community is the place where you have the opportunity to participate in our 40 day celebration of Preaching Teaching and Prayer. We created this page because we want to hear from you. We do have some selected speakers but we are very much aware that everyone has a story to share.

Guardrails Social Community prayer blog is the pivotal place for our 40 days Celebration of teaching, preaching and  Please respond to the lead blog, by adding your thoughts, sharing your stories and responding to any challenges given. Let us pray together and then together watch the world change for the better.

Guardrails Social Community has a place for your thoughts about outreach and ministries. Is there a ministry you have been leading or believe should be set up in your church or community? Why not share it on our ministry/outreach blog? This may be someone’s breakthrough moment. You may be the answer to someone’s prayer.

Guardrails Social Community is also the place for registration, donation and payment for resource materials from the 40 days of teaching preaching and Teaching which you can use in your own local church community and beyond to assist lay members to get involved in preaching teaching and prayer.

If you are an individual who feels a call to do more for the cause of Christ within or without the church the material which will be provided is just for you. Below is a list of the speakers and the subject areas to be presented.

  • Health - Covering all aspects of the health message
  • Prayer - Why, when, where, how, importance, the necessity of
  • Called - Personal Development, Interpersonal Relationships, Personal Study Development, Revive and motivate Churches to re-evaluate evangelism.
  • Ministry Planning and Development - Accessing, building, and implementation of ministries to provide the needs of the community. 
  •  Social Justice - What can we do? What is expected from the Christian community, what are the parameters?

Our Speakers:

 Pauline Salmon

James Black

Randy Maxwell... and others.

As you can see we have thought of a broad base of information from experts in their fields which will help you to get started. We know you want to get started and we know God wants you to get started. Let us help you to make it happen.

Visit it us often! Something miraculous is waiting for you and your community.







Thanks to your generosity, families all over can tune in to see, hear and experience the gospel and end-time message of Jesus Christ. And several of our listening friends expressed appreciation and thanks for the inspiration they received through our programming. With your help, lives were inspired, and families received the hope of the gospel. On their behalf, thank you for your help.


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